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Since 2011, Our Foundations Stand on Transparent Financial Management Architects. Engineers. Contractors. Builders.

  • Podular modern-and-luxury Townhouses

    Demand for hassle free living is becoming more appealing as we get busier in specialized fields of work. Podular build a beautifully designed product..

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  • podular affordable accommodation Low Cost

    Affordable accommodation is on the rise, particularly in developing countries. With a burgeoning middle class and a rapidly increasing array of options, it is likely demand will only continue…

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  • Podular Education Facilities Health & Education

    The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for education and health suggest more investment in facilities to improve community and social needs. Meeting these challenges often requires private commitment of resources and leadership…

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  • podular Modular Building​​​​​​​​​s Modular Building​​​​​​​​​s

    From construction, mining, education, commercial, healthcare, government, oil and gas or residential industries, Podular can design a customised solution to suit your specific project requirement.

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  • Podular Training Skilled Training

    Australia has an excellent reputation for high-quality training,’ and Podular is a leader in this space. From our offices in The Philippines, we’re focused providing a multitude of professional staff to work locally or abroad. Our focus is primarily on train-the-trainer and accredited and customised training programs.

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  • Podular Municipal Infrastructure Municipal Infrastructure

    Sixty six percent of the world’s population will live in urban areas by 2050, and municipalities will increasing demand for new and improved infrastructure services, as governments struggle with essential and basic…

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Why is Podular Different? We Stand by QA/QC Principals... Our QA/QC principals are our combination of quality assurances, and the set of processes we use to measure and assure the quality of our product, and quality control, that ensures our products and services meet our consumers' expectations.

  • Construction • Supply

    Bungalow Townsville

    This modern two story Bungalow in Townsville Queensland has Energy Saving features and an awesome open plan for tropical...

  • Construction • Engineering • Supply

    Town-Homes Cairns

    Project completed on a cost plus basis. Consisted of 32 town-homes with a minimum 160M2 floor-plan. Under budget and under time!...

  • Project Management • Supply

    House Byron Bay

    An over-water home built on Byron Bay. Natural exterior features and prefabricated concrete filled steel frames...

  • Construction • Engineering

    Overhead Walkways

    The benefits of these systems are manifold: firstly, they alleviate street traffic and pedestrian congestion. This is especially...

What do Clients Like Most About Podular? Our Integrity! Australian Management Team

  • Rocco Pennisi

    Rocco Pennisi

    Chairman and Board Advisor

    Rocco initially served as CEO from 2011 – 2016.  Under his guidance, he commenced operations with a 3500M2 Queensland factory and 40 staff. and served many private and listed clients such as Rio Tinto and British Gas subsidiary QGC.

  • Ryan Anderson

    Chief Financial Officer

    With a MBA from Harvard, Ryan is an asset to the Podular Team and our endeavours since joining in 2017. Ryan is based in Podulars’ prestigious Singapore office in 1 Fullerton Road, and oversees a team of professional staff that deliver our projects on time and on budget – Every-time!

  • Rick Kubel

    Executive Vice President

    Rick brings to Podular a multitude of experience with Public Private Partnerships, and continues to bring projects to the company as a result of his many contacts and reputation around the world

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