From Tiny Homes to a Highly Profitable Micro Hotel Business Podular Supplies and Builds

  • Podular modern-and-luxury BUILD AND DEVELOP

    Podular build, develop and supply micro hotels to global locations. We also provide residential and commercial contracting services, primarily using modular construction techniques…

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  • Podular Hotel Lobby DESIGN AND MANAGE

    What really what sets our product and services apart is our skilled staff and Management team, who look out for every detail. From Cash-flows, Renovation Construction Management to Delivery

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    Empowering others is a formula for our success. That’s why we partner with investors in our highly profitable Micro Hotel Capsule businesses. Learn how in 3 Easy Steps…

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Interested in a Highly Profitable Micro Hotel Business?

  • Architecture • Construction • Supply

    The Rise of Modular

    Modular can service a company’s need for more space, whether that is due to growth, renovations, emergency needs or simply...

  • Architecture • Construction • Supply

    Pre-Assembled Capsule Hotels

    Capsule Container Pods and Amenity Pods are stackable and connecting...

  • Architecture • Project Management • Supply

    Capsule Sleeping Rooms

    Podular supply affordable and convenient capsule living spaces and a multitude of accessories. for a full list of Buyer Tips see...

  • Architecture • Construction • Project Management

    Design and Construct

    Podular make sure that each and every project is treated individually and is engineered, designed and certified accordingly. Our...

Testimonials From Our Operators

  • Our hotel has grown to 122 sleeping pods. Podular took care of everything

    Oliver Murat

    Young Technology Ltd.- CEO

  • Two rooms in my Sydney home have become a money making machine! Thanks Podular

    Anna Proin

    Anna | AUSTRALIA

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