Podular SEQ Pty Ltd is registered Australian Company since 2011 with Australian Business Number (ABN) 12 107 920 169 and Australian Company Number (ABN) 107 920 169. We operate a Joint Venture subsidiary in Asia, using the Podular brand together with the esteemed Top Value Inc Group Philippines. “Podular” is a registered trademark.

Podular have been less active in the market since closing its Australian factory i 2015. Today we continue to focus on property development projects that are primarily conducive with Modular and Prefab products or shipping containers. From Cities to Regions in Australasia and South East Asia, our reach is wide. Residential, Commercial, Accommodation Villages, Hotels, Capsule Hotels, Pet Hotels ect.


Although the terms ‘modular’ and ‘prefab’ are sometimes used interchangeably, it’s helpful to draw a distinction between them. Any component of a building that is manufactured in a factory before arrival and installation at the building site is prefabricated — or ‘prefab’ for short. Modular construction is a specific type of prefab construction. A building could be made entirely of
prefabricated components, such as:
• Roof trusses
• Wall panels
• Floor trusses
• Pre-cast concrete foundation walls and slabs
• Staircases, elevators, etc.
• Bathroom or kitchen modules
• Structural modules
Prefab components can be made of different materials, including wood, steel, and concrete. Some of these components can be more or less finished before being transported to the site and installed. For example, wall panels could be ‘open’ — arriving on-site without insulation, vapor control layers, or external cladding. Or they could arrive at the building site complete with insulation, vapor control, windows, doors, electrical wiring, ducting, and cladding.
Modules are a specific kind of prefab component that enclose space — such as an entire room. This contrasts with ‘flat’ prefab components like wall panels and roof trusses that don’t enclose space. Because they enclose space, modules are also referred to as 3D or volumetric. Entire modules are built in a factory and then delivered to the site for installation.

A) On our all our Marketplaces, where commissions are payable to Podular, Podular hold the commission in Escrow, meaning the seller has a vested interest in making sure what is promised is what is delivered. In the event the seller does not perform according to the scope, Podular gladly refund the commission to the Buyer
B) On our Services Marketplace, Podular hold 50% deposit in escrow. Provided the works are in accordance with the scope, the deposit is released to the Professional
C) The star rating and comments consumers can see and contribute, provide tremendous certainty, transparency and confidence
D) On our Store Marketplace, consumers are permitted to buy direct from suppliers using traditional methods
E) Transparency and confidence for our consumers is paramount. One of the benefits of using Podular Marketplace is the star rating and comments you’ll be able to see and contribute
F) Performance Guarantee. Refer to warranty information on each product

As part of our meticulous onboarding process, we check that our suppliers have a registered entity, and present them according to their prior sales volumes. Further, suppliers and professionals pay an annual membership fee meaning they have made a substantial commitment to be on the Podular marketplace

Whilst we agree doing business locally has its merits, there are external factors that can affect our buying decisions. For example, currency exchange rates, labour costs, shipping costs and a wider choice of design, materials and product options.


Podular are a trade partner to Australian Financial Services Provider – Platinum Wealth. However other financial service providers are anticipated to soon be on our site. Our buyers may avail of up to 75% of the total cost, including shipping and customs fees. You must however, be willing to pay the supplier (not Podular or Platinum Wealth) the difference. Generally, no application fees apply, and funds provided are 100% unsecured.

All large ticket items seen on our site. Even products we don’t carry

Yes. Essentially any project or product, provided its meets the lenders criteria. This can include professional services and ancillary products, even if they are not advertised or found on the Podular marketplaces. When financing or leasing your purchase, the financiers use a form of securitization that provides both the seller and buyer with certainty, transparency, and confidence

Yes. We have investors on our database who may be interested. Preference is for hotels, affordable housing and worker accommodation developments. Be sure to submit a detailed proposal to attract genuine attention. Should you need help we can provide.

Yes. Once you subscribe to a Consumer Membership, the sellers details are revealed and you can buy direct using the traditional methods

Yes, some of our registered developers offer direct investment into their worker accommodation, housing estates and capsule hotels. Subscibe to find out more or contact us directly

Simply choose to be a Supplier or Consumer under the subscription options. In order to pre-qualify buyers and sellers, the registration is manually approved usually immediately, however may take up to 24 hours


Not for large ticket items such as Shipping Containers and Modular/ Prefab Products: Professional Services: and software/Online Tools: attract 17.5% *Plus 2.7% bank fees

Almost anyone provided both Service and Product offers are conducive with the niche markets we operate.

Open an account, upload product and await approval. Alternatively, send your products to us in word format together with high quality images and we’ll do it for a small fee

Yep. See sign up page


Yes you can, simply let us know how much you wish to invest and more about your expected ROI and we’ll match a project

This all depends on the deal structure and time. We like to see our investors receive at least 12% per annum but you may also reach 50% per annum.

Not at this time. Our shares are fully subscribed however should you wish to leave an expression of interest for future capital raisings please do so.


We have an array of online and offline payment methods including cards, Paypal, Stripe and MC, Bux, ETC.

Our site is SSL encrypted and our Sellers are Prequalified. As part of our meticulous onboarding process, we check that our suppliers have a registered entity, and present them according to their prior sales volumes. Further, suppliers and professionals pay an annual membership fee meaning they’ve made a substantial commitment to be on the Podular marketplace


Whilst some of our suppliers offer free shipping, most sell Ex-Factory or FOB (Freight on Board) or CIF (Cost Insurance Freight), meaning products will be delivered to your chosen local port and you will need to take care of any local taxes, customs duties and custom broking fees.

Each product is different see listing/offer

Yes. If you have selected shipping option, your order can be tracked in the portal

Each supplier has different shipping estimates noted on their offering

Orders & Returns

Some of our products can be bought using ecommerce. Other larger ticket items are often ordered via LC or Bank to Bank methods, where funds are released as agreed milestones are met

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