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Not all sleeping Pods are created equally – We know!

PRICING. Our experience means you’ll get the best quality/price combination. (Note Podular offers bulk discounts and free consulting service in order to get the best overall outcomes [i])

LEAD TIMES normally 25 – 30 days + delivery

FREE SHIPPING We provide a delivered price including insurance (CIF).


  1. 40′ HQ capacity: 44 single Pods (single beds
    in kit form)
  2. 20′ capacity: 20 single Pods (single beds
    in kit form)

We’ll provide an easy to understand installation video. As an indication, 3 semi-skilled people could install 4 Pods in a day. Podular offer a free onsite assembly engineer anywhere in the world: just pay for accommodation, flights/travel/visa and food for the assembly expert/s.

Sleeping Pods generally join together or sit against a wall, but not always. Our sleeping Pods include only one side panel and no back panel for this reason. We strongly advise having a floor-plan completed by an architect (or Podular) before ordering to determine if you need extra side panels and back panels for your project.

PODS CAN BE DELIVERED ASSEMBLED, but there are some notable challenges:

  • Weight (170kg approx.) is challenging.
  • There’s a risk the glass components may break during shipping
  • Freight costs more

WARRANTY Podular offers a full parts warranty for 1-year. This does not include shipping costs.


We highly recommend VO, which costs a little more but provides peace of mind and meets standards in most countries such as Australia where we reign. The 3 fire rating standards:

  1. ABS (No Rating)
  2. V2
  3. VO

SOUND-PROOF MODELS Whilst we can provide soundproof models, we don’t recommend this option. It’s not only cost prohibitive @ approximately USD$500 extra per Pod, but does not seem to make much difference. After all, Pods are not meant for 4 to 5-star hotel environments anyway.

ELECTRICAL We make sure the correct electrical sockets are supplied and suitable for your country. There’s nothing worse than discovering your product does not comply or work.

[i] Podular are an Australian company, specializing in Micro Hotels and Modular construction, providing an inexpensive consultancy service including:

  1. Factory/showroom/hotel tours
  2. Quality Control
  3. A free assembly service (Just cover the engineers travel, food and accommodation)
  4. Cash-flows for hotels
  5. Architectural floor plans and renderings
  6. Construction management
  7. A vast network of potential investors for hotel developers


  1. John Gates says:

    i am interested in putting a micro hotel business together in Brisbane, Early days, yet. We thought we had an ideal site , but moved too slowly, by necessity, because I am still looking around for an equity partner. I am in the Serviced Apartment industry and a lawyer, so I know how to put the business plan together and get it running, staffed, set up and earning, but I have no idea of how to build it. I have a good connection with an Australia-wide office and industrial interiors company, so design is taken care of. So now just needing to get a feel for typical costs, per pod, square and cubic metre sizes, etc. If you know of any investors keen to partner up, we would be happy to hear from them.

    Name, Phone and address removed for privacy but available upon approval

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