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A shipping container cafe, often known as a “Pop Up Cafe,” is a terrific way to set your company apart from the competitors. If we’re being honest, few people can start their day without a skinny latte or a long black, and meeting for coffee has become such an integral part of Australian culture that it’s difficult to fathom how we used to socialize before it got so popular! Small start-ups with little more than a good coffee machine, a terrific barista, and a café are some of the most successful eateries. Building and rental expenditures, on the other hand, can eat into a small firm’ profitability… Even a little corner café needs to sell a lot of cappuccinos or short blacks to make enough money to pay the rent. And it’s here that the shipping container cafe comes in handy!

We Can Convert Your Shipping Container into a Cafe For You

We at Podular Shipping Containers are well familiar with the notion of a shipping container cafe, sometimes known as a ‘pop up cafe,’ because we frequently supply the containers that are used to make one. We also sell more than just shipping containers. We have one of Australia’s largest container modification facilities, and we specialize in converting containers into a wide range of structures, including lodging, workshops, portable galleries, trade show exhibitions, shipping container homes, and, yes, shipping container bars, restaurants, and cafes. On our special projects area, you’ll find some fantastic container conversions, such as the Six Shooter – High Caliber Coffee shipping container cafe in Menai and The Depot bar and restaurant in Newcastle.

Container Café Sizes

Because of its small size, a shipping container cafe is an excellent choice for a start-up cafe because it requires little space to set up. A parking lot corner, a position on a marina, a market, a dog park, the beach, an empty block of land, or a construction site that won’t start construction for a few years are all excellent locations for a pop-up cafe. When the building permits are obtained, the café can be moved to a new location. Because the construction costs are so much lower, many shipping container cafés are also developed as permanent constructions (and they also look great).

Pop Up Cafes Grow Your Business

The convenience of a Pop-up Cafe is adored by all. Unsurprisingly, would-be cafe operators are considering doing things a little differently (and more cost-effectively), such as transforming shipping containers into pop-up cafes. A shipping container cafe is not only inexpensive, environmentally responsible, and portable, but it is also quite cool. Ask any café owner how nicely industrial chic and coffee go together. Expect to see a lot more super-cool shipping container cafes in the future; the next participants on Channel Seven’s Restaurant Revolution will be transforming shipping containers into – you guessed it – shipping container cafes! In fact, if you’re considering launching your own shipping container business, you should move quickly before demand outstrips supply. We have a large selection of old shipping containers available for your project, but we expect them to be in high demand after the show airs.

It Makes Fantastic Addition to Your Business

A shipping container café might be a very successful addition to your business or club if you’re seeking for an additional revenue stream. It’s not even necessary for you to run it yourself. You may open the café on your property and rent it out to a few of baristas who want to start their own business without the exorbitant fees. It’s a win-win arrangement that’s quick and simple to set up. Look around your place of work. Do your employees go out of their way to acquire nice coffee? Could something as simple as having nice coffee on hand persuade your consumers to choose you over someone else? Is there enough space on your land for a profitable shipping container cafe? It’s something to think about.

Decided a Shipping Container Cafe Is Just Right For You?

Great, enlist the assistance of the professionals! For almost ten years, Podular Shipping Containers has been selling and modifying shipping containers. So, if you’re thinking about turning a shipping container into a beautiful cafe, keep this in mind. We can help you make your cafe fantasy into a hip cafe reality, whether you’re buying a container to convert yourself or want us to do it for you.

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