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Podular are open to enter into Private Public Agreements with our stakeholders for infrastructure projects. This generally forms a long-term contract between Podular and a government entity, providing a public asset or service, in which Podular bears significant risk and management responsibility and remuneration is linked to performance of the asset.

Project functions are transferred to Podular—such as design, construction, financing, operations, and maintenance—may vary from contract to contract, but in all cases the Podular is accountable for project performance and bears significant risk and management responsibility.

At a minimum, a PPP will include a long-term commitment to provide infrastructure services—this implies the design and construction of infrastructure, or the renewal of existing assets, and the provision of long-term asset-maintenance. Most PPPs include additional services, including the full operation of the infrastructure when the private operator is able to commit to service quality and performance, and the procuring authority is able to define that same quality and performance. These additional services should also take place over the long term.

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