Australian Housing Average Price $1,333,985

According to the parliamentary library research, it was estimated that Australia had a shortfall of 524,000 social housing dwellings in 2022, adding to the already dire situation of the housing crisis. 

The average price of housing tops out at $1,333,985 as stated by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, which makes it exceedingly difficult to own a home. Even rental prices have gone through the roof. In November 2022, SQM Research reported that rents in Sydney have increased by 28% from the last year to an average of $709 per week. Similar rises have been observed in other cities, with rent increasing by 24% to an average of $574 in Brisbane. If left unchecked, the effects on the economy can be catastrophic if no immediate action is taken to combat this.

Accelerating Affordable Housing: Embracing Modular and Prefab Solutions in the Wake of Government Incentives


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