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Whats a Factory Built Home?

The topics are about factory built homes as well as others relevant to building any home (not just one of ours) plus items relating to land use, council regulations etc.

On to the first topic:

What is a Factory Built Transportable Home and how are they different?

Factory Built Homes are fully built either under cover in a factory or outside in a large open area and then transported to your land in sections. They are finished both inside and out before being separated and transported with only the connection of services required on site.

When the sections arrive at your site they are rejoined on stumps which are fixed to concrete footings that have been engineered and designed for that particular home. The only other difference between a Factory Built Home and “Built on Site” Home is the chassis or base of the home, which is designed to allow for lifting with cranes as well as to withstand the transport process. Generally, Transportable Homes are built stronger than most homes because of the bending and flexing involved in transport.

You may also hear Transportable Homes referred to as:

• Factory Built Homes (generally the best term to use)

• Relocatable Homes

• Pre-Manufactured Homes

• Modular Homes

• Prefabricated Homes

You will also hear the term “Kit Homes” which describes a kit of unassembled materials that is supplied as “flat pack” for assembly by yourself or a builder on site.

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