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July 21, 2015

Podular Overhead Pedestrian Walkways
The benefits of these systems are manifold: firstly, they alleviate street traffic and pedestrian congestion. This is especially true when many main thoroughfares or expressways cuts through the city, effectively disconnecting neighbourhoods; the elevated walkways relink them, greatly increasing pedestrian flow and convenience. Also, almost all the overhead walkways are covered, protecting pedestrians from both sun and rain, something that can be helpful in a city with over 100 inches of rainfall annually.
The walkways also provide a relaxing and safe environment to walk in, free from worry about vehicle traffic. And for the most part they lead to popular destinations: MTR and other transport exchanges, office buildings, shopping malls or residential developments, and of course they are all eminently safe as they are well lit at all hours.
The city’s overhead walkways also transform conventional notions of public space. Rather than competing with motor traffic and essential calls on the public realm at ground level, these quintessentially public spaces liberate movement in their own maze-like world, providing an organic connectedness that redefines urban existence.
  1. Client consultation to discuss needs and expectations
  2. Development of concept plans for further discussion
  3. Final development and design sign off
  4. Engineering consultation and certification of the final designs
  5. Submission of the necessary statutory applications for approval from the various state and federal agencies
  6. Meetings and negotiations with the statutory agencies when required
  7. Final development approval
  8. Proceed into the construction phase
  9. Project delivery
  10. Practical completion

Our Processes

Podular make sure that each and every project is treated individually and is engineered, designed and certified accordingly. Our flexibility in materials, design and fabrication techniques allows us to provide a range of construction solutions that account for constraints, conditions and site-specific issues.

Site Assessment

For every project we work on, the site is assessed by our consulting engineers, and a site-specific analysis is conducted.

Construction Phase

When the construction phase is in full swing, we will have the following personnel on-site:
  • Site foreman and crew
  • Piling foreman and crew

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