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Capsule Container Pods and Amenity Pods are stackable and connecting

Client: Johns Willems

July 21, 2015

Modular Connect and Stack

At Podular, we understand that you may want to tailor your building to your unique needs. For information about structural, complexing and design options available (including finishes, fixtures, fittings and cladding options), please contact your local Podular representative.

Whether you need a tiny house or a serious Airbnb style money making micro hotel, the Podular 001 Series can now be configured to your specifications, including layout, design and quantity of capsule rooms and bathrooms.

Exquisitely designed inside and out, both the Capsule Container Pods and Amenity Pod can be joined in-between by an optional Amenity Pod.


Pre-assembled inside this architecturally designed custom built container POD, you choose 4, 8 or 16 individually appointed single or double bed capsule rooms that are high tech and high quality. Surprisingly spacious, and jam packed full of features.

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