Finance and Lease

Financing Your Vision with Podular Group

Flexible Financing Solutions: Podular Group introduces flexible finance and leasing options for modular and customized container products. Shifting away from traditional bank funding, we ensure your prefab and modular projects proceed without financial hiccups.

Full-Cycle Funding:

Unlike traditional banks, Podular Group collaborates with various funders who can cover the entire modular and prefab product costs, from manufacturing to shipping and customs clearance. We can eliminate the need for milestone-based funding, ensuring a continuous and streamlined construction process.

Product Cost Coverage:

Designed to offer substantial support, covering up to 100% of the product costs. This generous coverage empowers developers to initiate and sustain projects without the financial constraints imposed by conventional financing.

In traditional bank financing, particularly with the drawdown system, funding is released in stages, often mismatching the needs of offsite construction where upfront costs are significant. This can lead to delays and increased costs. Contrarily, Podular Group’s innovative approach ensures seamless project progression. Our Full-Cycle Funding and Product Cost Coverage eliminate the need for milestone-based funding, providing continuous financial support. This comprehensive, flexible financial model accelerates your modular projects, ensuring that financial barriers don’t impede your vision for efficient, innovative construction.

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